The Association’s principal function is to be the designated Provincial Employer Bargaining Agency and negotiates and administers the Provincial I.C.I. Millwright Collective Agreement with the Millwright...

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AMCO is a not for profit organization, incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, and managed by a six member Board of Directors, elected annually by the membership, in accordance with...

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AMCO has established a number of standing committees to represent the membership in those areas of interest and concern. Each committee has its own Chairperson who is responsible for...

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AMCO is jointly involved with the Millwright Regional Council in the training of Construction Millwrights in Ontario. We establish training criteria and standards that meet the needs of our contractors and...

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Membership Benefits

  • Quarterly Newsletter on current matters
  • Scholarship opportunities for children of your salaried staff
  • Access to an informational resource center on matters of concern
  • Assistance with grievances and other issues around the collective agreement
  • Ability to voice your concerns as part of the collective bargaining process.
  • Access to information from other Associations.
  • Updates on government legislation changes that may affect your business.