turbineAMCO is a voluntary Association of unionized Millwrighting contractors established to further the aims and objectives of its members, with particular reference to Labour Relations and related activities including Collective Bargaining and Administration.  AMCO strives to serve its members with up-to-date information that is relevant to our industry.


The Association’s principle function is to negotiate and administer the Provincial I.C.I. Collective Agreement with the Millwright Union.  It provides members with Labour Relations counseling with particular reference to the Millwrights Collective Agreement and acts as a general resource center for its members.

Other Construction Association Involvement and AMCO Representative:

  • COCA (Council of Ontario Construction Associations) – Board of Directors – Patricia Penney-Rouzes
  • International Millwright Labour Management Promotional Fund Committee – Millwrights First – Member – Patricia Penney-Rouzes
  • PLMHSC (Provincial Labour Management Health & Safety Committee Construction) – Member – Patricia Penney-Rouzes
  • IHSA (Infrastructure Health & Safety Association) Labour Management Health & Safety Committee – Members – Patricia Penney-Rouzes, Al Jardine, Dave Straus, Diana Kempe, Duane Burley, Kevin Keiswetter
  • OCOT (Ontario College of Trades) Millwright Trade Board – Members – Patricia Penney-Rouzes, Al Jardine, Jason Towers


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