Easing of Construction Material Costs in Canada not as Clear Cut as in U.S.

As a companion piece to ConstructConnect’s recent article on movements in U.S. construction material costs, today’s story will look at what’s been happening in Canada. Similar to America, Canada has seen moderation in prices for some individual construction inputs. On the whole, though, the Canadian easing has perhaps not been as extensive. Read more here.


Economy added 35,000 jobs in March

The Canadian economy added 35,000 jobs last month, while the unemployment rate held steady at five per cent.
Statistics Canada said the job gains were made primarily in the private sector. Employment was up in transportation and warehousing, business, building and other support services, as well as finance, real estate, rental and leasing. Read more here.


AMCO proudly partners with MRCO & Helmets to Hardhats

News Release


November 9, 2022

New scholarship opportunity for Veterans interested in the Millwright trade 

The unionized construction industry, employers, contractors, and the skilled trades are facing unprecedented challenges in finding and retaining the workers they need during this period of economic recovery and growth across Ontario. Helmets to Hardhats (H2H), the Millwright Regional Council of Ontario (MRCO) and the Association of Millwrighting Contractors of Ontario (AMCO) are partnering together to take action to address these shortages while supporting Veterans, Reservists, and Cadets.  

Executive Director of H2H, Joe Maloney, along with Mark Beardsworth, MRCO Executive Secretary-Treasurer and Patricia Penney-Rouzes, Executive Director from AMCO are announcing a joint initiative to offer a tailored scholarship, the “Millwright Scholarship: Investing in our Future” to provide Veterans the opportunity to return to school to earn a certificate from a recognized Millwright program. This will allow the successful Veterans to gain knowledge and experience to enter the workforce and offer employers sustainable and hardworking employees.

With more than 8,000 Veterans and Reservists transitioning out of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) every year at the average age of 32, these individuals have long working careers ahead of them. Joining the unionized construction industry is an appealing option for many Veterans because of the competitive wages, benefits pension plans and training.  Together, H2H, MRCO and AMCO are making it more accessible, efficient and streamlined for Veterans to learn the trade and fill Millwright opportunities across Ontario.

The Millwright scholarship will:

  • Support at least 5 Helmets to Hardhats clients who will select a one-year program from an Ontario College.
  • Be offered on a first come, first served basis, pending applicants must meet all the eligibility requirements 
  • Reimburse the successful recipients for the semester’s tuition and program fees
  • Allow employers to hire and support Veterans to keep up with the growing demand for Millwrights across Ontario

This partnership emphasizes the importance of employing Veterans with meaningful second careers in the unionized construction industry. As a partnership, we strongly believe that it is now our responsibility to provide second career opportunities to Veterans after the service they have given us.

Please submit your application for the Millwright Scholarship: Investing in our Future, here: https://www.jotform.com/223074864190053


Veterans, Reservists, military family members and Afghan interpreters provide immense value on the unionized construction opportunities they join. They bring solid work ethic, consider safety a priority and will get the job done. Ontario needs to look at every option to harness the skills and workforce needed to fuel the provinces growth. By supporting transitioning Veterans into the unionized construction industry H2H, MRCO and AMCO are leading the way for Veterans to gain valuable experience in the Millwright trade to offer long term prosperity to the Veteran and the economy”

  • Joe Maloney, Founder and Executive Director of Helmets to Hardhats Canada

“We’re pleased to partner and strengthen our relationship with H2H and AMCO with our new collaborative millwright scholarship program that provides opportunities for military veterans throughout Ontario wanting to embark on a new career as a UBC Millwright. We’re delighted with the opportunity to work with our industry partners and lead the way in recruiting the next generation of millwright professionals”.

  • Mark Beardsworth, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Millwright Regional Council of Ontario

“We believe this to be a very beneficial partnership venture, bringing a variety of transferrable skill sets into the Millwright trade, while in turn, supporting our Veterans for the long haul.”

  • Patricia Penney-Rouzes, Executive Director, Association of Millwrighting Contractors of Ontario

For further information and media inquiries: Please contact Aidan Strickland, Director of Communications for Helmets to Hardhats

The Millwright Regional Council of Ontario              

Joe Maloney, Founder and Executive Director of Helmets to Hardhats, pictured with Mark Beardsworth, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Millwright Regional Council of Ontario, Patricia Penney-Rouzes, Executive Director, Association of Millwrighting Contractors of Ontario, Duncan McIntosh, Director of Operations, Millwright Regional Council of Ontario, Drew Chittenden, Business Manager – Local 2309 Toronto and Darryl Cathcart, Helmets to Hardhats and Release Point Education.


COVID-19 Update: Sick Leave Entitlements and Employer Reimbursement

A number of Canadian provinces are now offering paid sick leave for eligible employees[1], for absences related to COVID-19. In accordance with these programs, employers are responsible for providing payment to employees during their period of COVID-19 sick leave, subject to reimbursement from various provincial governmental agencies. Read more here.


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